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 GameMaster Application Template

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PostSubject: GameMaster Application Template   Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:05 pm

1. Fluent English
2. At least 15 years old.
3. Commands knowledge (If not, we would at least demand a thirst for learning)
4. Respective
5. Friendly
6. Ready to work in team.

GameMaster Application Template:

[b]1. What's your name ?[/b]
[b]2. Where are you from ?[/b]
[b]3. What GMT zone do you reside ?[/b]
[b]4. How much time can you spend daily ?[/b]
[b]5. Do you vote regularly ?[/b]
[b]6. Do you have any previous staff experience ?[/b]
[b]7. How many languages are you fluent in ?[/b]
[b]8. Have you ever been GM before ?[/b]
[b]9. If yes, when, where, for how long, why did you left ?[/b]
[b]10. What makes you a better candidate ?[/b]
[b]11. Describe yourself briefly (Approximately 50 words)[/b]
[b]12. How can we contact you ?[/b]
[b]13. Do you have any suggestions for us ? (If you do, we will be more than glad to take a look)[/b]

Note: The accepted ones will be having a week trial period. During that period we will observe your reliability and most of all: You reaction in certain situations. We will examine your professional attitude towards the staff members.

If you haven't been accepted - don't blame yourself! You will be better the next time. Just pay attention: Once you've been rejected, you are not allowed to apply within the next 30 days.

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GameMaster Application Template
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